Active Duty US Army Officer. Owner of a Stetson, a couple sets of spurs, some anger management problems, and a few really badass stories.

I focus mostly on military affairs, national security, and international relations, but I enjoy miscellanea, too. I’m not an expert on much and I’m very rarely the smartest person in the room. I know a lot about a little and vice versa.

I’m an idealist who understands that realism works better. I believe that the world is a beautiful, terrifying place and that anyone who thinks the it’s black and white probably hasn’t seen enough of it. I believe that most things are on a spectrum, and that there’s rarely a need for “all or nothing.” I believe that the middle path is usually the best. I believe in sharing tea with village elders, earning the trust of local children, and achieving fire superiority to destroy your enemies with extreme prejudice. I believe that most people are basically good, and that some motherfuckers just need killing. I believe in being nice until it’s time to not be nice, and then I believe in being violent enough quickly enough. I believe that anyone who tells you a tank is a warm, dry, safe place to be has never spent much time in one.

This is a place for me to share my angry opinions in more than 140 characters. I also enjoy giving my friends a platform to voice their opinions. Most of them are much smarter than me, so you’re in for a treat when the guest posts come in.

You’re likely going to hate me, and the feeling is probably mutual.

Twitter: @CombatCavScout


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